How Vaping Cannabis can Help with Sciatica

How Vaping Cannabis can Help with Sciatica

Sciatica, also known as sciatic neuritis, is a physiological condition characterized by mild to severe pain in the lower back, usually along the spine and radiating horizontally and vertically. You may feel immense pain along the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs down the back to the legs. Depending on the exact cause and severity of sciatica, you may experience pain in one or both legs along with lower back. Severe sciatica will lead to radiating pain along middle and upper back. In some cases, the pain may even get to the shoulder and neck.


Sciatica can be caused by injury, herniated disc, musculoskeletal problems and structural anomalies. The actual cause is the pinching or pressing of the sciatic nerve. It could be a bone or a herniated disc that can exert an excess pressure that would invariably pinch or stress the sciatic nerve, thus resulting in the mild to severe pain. Sciatica can be a painful chronic condition if left untreated. The sad reality is that there is no cure for sciatica. It is not exactly a disease or illness. It is just a condition, which can be prevented or regulated. The best you can do is manage the symptoms, which is mostly about reducing the pain. Anyone who is suffering from a limited range of motion in the lower back will need therapy to increase their agility and endurance, also strength in some cases.


Fortunately, you can resort to marijuana vaporizers to get some relief from sciatica. It is no secret that cannabis vaporization for chronic pain is one of the safer and reliable ways to alleviate various types of discomfort. Weed vaporizers can work as painkillers without the obvious size effects. Painkillers have a serious adverse impact on your cardiovascular health. There are other side effects as well. Cannabis can be vaporized using vape pens or wax pens and this does not have any side effects that are proven to be associated with smoking pot or a joint.


More than sixty five million people in the country, a majority being seniors and most being adults, suffer from some type of back pain. Not all cases are sciatica but all such conditions are painful. Marijuana vaporizers can help in all such instances because it is a natural pain reliever. The only thing you need to do is choose the right strain of cannabis. While herb vaping can be purely recreational and you can use any strain of cannabis, oils and waxes or blends, you cannot have random choices so if you want substantial relief from sciatica. Only a few strains of cannabis will be able to alleviate the pain caused by sciatica.


  • Green crack is a good choice. It is potent with a tropical citrusy flavor. It is effective at alleviating most types of back pain. You would also feel slightly euphoric by using this strain of cannabis, hence making for a fine blend of recreational and medicinal uses of marijuana. Additionally, green crack will help you to combat fatigue.


  • Super Sour Diesel is another potent strain. Using it in marijuana vaporizers will have an almost instant impact on your back pain caused by sciatica. Many people say that it works faster than some of the high dose painkillers. The strain also enhances your focus and concentration. You would be much more alert than usual by filling up your vape pens with this strain.


  • Purple Kush is one of the most powerful strains of cannabis on the planet. The fragrant aroma, almost smelling like flowers, is amazing. The vapors are great and the flavor is indelibly impressive. There are subtle fruity undertones that you would grow to love. It can help reduce pain caused by sciatica and also facilitate restful sleep.


  • You may want to try Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is usually avoided by many because it does not really fall among the more potent strains. Whether or not you would use this strain in your marijuana vaporizers to get high, you should derive its medicinal properties. It works really well to reduce back pain. You should also consider a hybrid strain called OG Kush. It has high THC content. It is flavorsome and aromatic. It will help you to unwind while offering you relief from back pain.